Friday, 4 October 2013

Part 3, Revelstoke

After Rossland we headed to Revelstoke for even more training. Back in my Banff Ski Runner days we came here multiple times throughout the summer and training there again brought back some good memories as well as some painful training sessions. Although the weather looked like it was going to be pretty miserable the whole time we did end up with a couple nice days. They may not have been the warmest days but the hot tub changed that.
Arrow Lakes ferry ride
 Our home for the week was just outside town and was a nice little house with a massive yard perfect for badminton and some vicious bocce ball games.
our revelstoke home for the week

hammock land

Intense games of badminton thrown down
 Our first training session was some hard skate rollerskiing intensity out where we were staying. The next day was one of the coldest, we headed out to the Revelstoke dam and beyond however it was very windy and extremly cold. However if you ever find yourself in town and wanting to go for a nice road ride that is the perfect road. It seems to be never ending with some pretty big climbs.
Riding past the Revelstoke dam

Revelstoke Dam

Amazing road to bike on but it was freezing and very windy
 Next on the training plan was ski striding intensity. We headed up the trails that wind their way up to the top of Mount Revelstoke.
Ski Striding intensity up Mount Revelstoke

Chris hard at work in our cozy home
 Our second day in a row of mount revelstoke was on the road this time. This included a whole lot of double poling to get our upper bodies nice and sore for tomorrows three hour run.
Double pole workout up Mount Revelstoke

Soccer game with the develpment squad and bc team
 The next day the plan was to run Keystone where the coaches had biked through snow a couple days before. However after hearing that there was way more snow up there then before we decided to save our frozen toes and check out the bike trails throughout the local cross country ski area. If only i had brought my mountain bike with me...
Three hour run before a painful running race
 Our last day had everyone waking up quite sore from the last couple days of training (mostly the soccer game). It was the day for us to head back, however we still had to do a running race before climbing in the van. It was three laps of a short course that had one long climb and one long decent. It was a vey hard course however me and Andrew managed to stick together the whole time and had a fun wrestling match in the middle as well as a sprint to the finish. He may have won the wrestling but i was just saving up to get him in the sprint.
Just about to tackle Andrew up the next hill

Getting chased down by the bc team
We are now all back home resting up before starting some fitness testing in a couple weeks. Look to see some records broken after all that training.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Part 2: Being Silly in Rossland

Next stop of our training camp was Rossland, BC. Here we would continue to do many hours but also get into some very hard intensity on the rollerskis. We left beautiful sunny Canmore after having lunch at my parents house, on our way to Rossland.

Part way through the drive it turned to a down pour, we were all happy to be travelling and not training in it for once. 

Arriving to a dark and wet Rossland
Our first training session had us head out on the road bikes for three hours. Sebastien and I headed up to the Nancy Greene Summit and Beyond.
First Summit of the day
Taking in the sights

My riding buddy
When we were not training it was pretty easy to relax in our fancy condo at Red Mountian.
Multitasking: Hot tub and Television
 Our interval spot for the week was right down at the border, we had two days of long hard intensity sessions on the rollerskis.
Beautiful weather by the border to the US
Leading out the double pole intensity session in some bright shorts.
 One of the most popular bike trails in the area is Seven summits. It also happens to be a perfect four hour run for our team.

Graham happy to be done
 Some of the afternoons we spend in the gym. Although it was not the biggest and had some short doorways we managed to make it work.
Sebastien maxing out the weight in the rossland gym

If you keep your Muscle mlk in the wine fridge there is no choice but to class it up and pour it in a wine glass.
Tasty protein
 Although biking is one of my favourite things to do, I still find three hours on a road boring. Poping wheelies, waving at cars, and goofing off can always make a ride go by faster.

Goofing off with Sebastien on our ride
Next stop, Revelstoke. One of my favourite places to train in the summer.

Friday, 20 September 2013

September Camp Part 1: Haig Glacier

The start of our 3 week long training camp had us head back home to Canmore where we would run up to the Haig Glacier for a week of on snow training. Thankfully all the flood damage had been cleaned up and it was an easy run/hike into the huts.
our home for the week
With the insane amounts of rain in the area this summer the glacier did not have as much snow as previous years. However once you hiked past all the ice there was some of the best skiing i have had at the glacier.
One of the many cracks we had to avoid, Luckily i could step over all of them

A new loop up at the glacier this year. I think the best one i have skied up there.
 This year we had three guys on the team that had never been up to the Haig before. So of course we had to go on adventures around the camp and show them the sights.
Andrew and Colin climbing down to the river

tight squeeze to get down to the top of the waterfall

Views in every direction are this spectacular.

Clear nights at the glacier, not even grumpy to go for a pee in the night.

Gotta work to get up to the snow

Every day was perfect weather for us

Bees meet klister...

Paul skiing the loop. yes he is in this picture twice
Unfortunately the groomer broke down early in our camp, However we continued to ski for two more days afterwards and the conditions stayed pretty good.

Sad cat taking a break

Always a tough walk down after skiing

However we still managed to get in some boot skiing
 After the grooming was finished we decided to do something a little different and went for a hike to another glacier and some scrambling on a mountain, it was great to see some different sights in the area.

I was happy to run out one day early and be able to spend a night at my home visiting my parents. The next day we packed up the van and the trailer to continue on our journey. Next stop Rossland!! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hornby Island Getaway

On Monday at some ridiculously early time we crammed ourselves in the team van and headed to Hornby Island for a short team bonding trip.
Start of our third and final ferry ride of the day.

Our cozy little cabin on Hornby Island

Tribune Bay
 During the days we ran on amazing bike trails, had talks about mental strategies to reach our optimal performance. It was great to learn usefull tips on goal setting and pushing past our limits. Shannon Thompson did a wonderful job. Sweet Performance
On Tuesday we went and checked out Tribune Bay in the afternoon, the rocks were amazing, it was like being on the moon.
Paul and his pet alligator 

Graham and Chris being typical weirdos. 

Paul got a little scared, but team mom was there to rescue.

Headed back to Whistler
Hornby Island was amazing place to go even if we got a bit of rain. I hope to go back there one day, but this time bring my mountain bike.